Handmade high-end sound system
integrated pam color light technology


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Night of San Juan in Chaman Complex

  • "Come and enjoy the Fiesta de San Juan to the Chaman Complex, with new V-Prof sound equipment". 

  • "Among them is Amnesia, cataloged as one of the best clubs in the world".

  • ... one of the legendary discotheques of the well-known "bakalao route", the Puzzle discotheque ... This room was able to gather more than 14,000 people in a single weekend and for its closure Rafa remembers how "people hallucinated with sound , ... a very "fat" team that gets more than 100,000 watts of V-prof sound”...

  • "The V-Six has been riding three seasons in Amnesia, without having a single breakdown!"

  • ..... The transparency and clarity of sound are impressive, and the punch of the bass feels perfectly in the chest when you are on the track. A team of 10!...